Scratching Post Catwalk M20.1

Ceiling-high Catwalk scratching post with house,
a very stable Catwalk
scratching post 
with one house H4 and two platforms.
A beautiful design with freely slidable blinds. Suitable for one to two cats.

Do you wish to exchange platforms or choose different ones, e.g. because your cats love or dislike hammocks? No problem, please contact us.

The fixed trunk sizes are part of the ready-made model package. We give the ready-made model discount for them. However, we can build stable posts for much higher (up to 6 meters). Please contact us for further information!

Ceiling adaptor model with 2.00 m to 3.00 m surface area and a 400 mm diameter.

Of course the image shows only one possible color combination for your scratching post.

Wood color: Walnut
Cushion: Beige
Color of blinds: Plain

Each ceiling-high Catwalk scratching post is exactly adapted to fit your ceiling. Please enter your ceiling height. The total amount due will be displayed on the Shopping Cart page.

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