Individual Length Trunk

Customized Scratching Post Trunks

Of course we will also manufacture scratching post trunks in the individual length you need, in the range between 11.7 cm to 105.3 cm (approx. 4.6" to 3.45 feet). The trunks will cost as much as the next regular trunk size, e.g. S1, S2 etc.

The trunks have a diameter of 120 mm (approx. 4.7") and offer the customary Catwalk quality, i.e. they are made of solid wood and feature tightly glued-on sisal rope.

How to place your order: Simply click on the gray 'Contact' tab above and send us a brief message regarding the trunks you need. Please let us know whether you wish to receive a ceiling adaptor trunk or a 'normal' trunk.

We will contact you via mail.

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