Catwalk Wall Set A

Going for a stroll along the wall... No problem with Catwalk!

 Save money: ideal for two cats!

The wall set consists of the following Catwalk components:

1 x Hammock for cats E13
1 x Slanted bridge B5
2 x Wall holders Z1K

Original wall-mounted Catwalk solutions are super-stable and also suitable for heavy cats. You need five screws for installation - of course screws and dowels are included.

Width: 1730 mm x Depth: 450 mm x Height: approx. 400 mm
Resting area: approx. 580 mm x 310 mm

Image shows:
Wood color: Beech
Cushion: Gray

Replacement parts can be purchased separately.

E13 - Replacement fabric: ST1
B5 - Replacement cushion: L

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