You have the choice between a free-standing model, one with wall holders, or one with a ceiling adaptor. If you need more inspiration, please click through our photo gallery with hundreds of individual Catwalk scratching post constructions - or take a ready-made model.


Posts with ceiling adaptors:

These scratching posts are incredibly stable, even if a small bottom platform has been selected. If you wish to save space, simply opt for the mini bottom platform U2 Mini with a diameter of only 13 cm (ca. 5.1"). Attached to the bottom, a longer trunk part is ideal, as it allows your cat to stretch while scratching. The suitable distance between two levels is usually a medium-length trunk such as the S5 (38.4 cm/15.1") or the S2 (51.8 cm/20.4"). The trunk carrying the ceiling adaptor should be at least 25 cm (9.8") short and 50 cm (19.7") long at most, otherwise your cat will have to squeeze in under the ceiling on the highest platform, or the long trunk will look naked and boring. But don't worry about making a wrong decision: The individual length of your ceiling adaptor construction will be calculated by us, and we will notify you via e-mail if we have improvement suggestions for you.

Wall holders:

Either the scratching post rests on the floor or on a wall holder. Both constructions are very stable, and you can do nothing wrong here, really.
Recommended for customers with little space: Instead of wasting precious floor space, you can mount the post directly on the wall. It will rest absolutely stable on the extremely strong wall holders (Z11 and Z2, able to bear a weight of up to 80 kg). The upper part of your scratching post will be kept in place by the Z1 (K-XXL). Our sleeping level E16 and the wall-mounted hammock E13 are important items for all those who plan a wall-only construction without trunks.


Free-standing scratching posts:

We recommend to use a hideaway house for added weight (the heavy house will serve as the post's fundament - it makes sure the post cannot fall). Please contact us if you plan a height of more than 170 cm (67") for your free-standing scratching post.

For all constructions, please consider the following:



Cats like to stretch while sharpening their claws. Therefore, at least one trunk should be longer than 50 cm (19.7"), preferably the lowest one.
You cannot place a trunk directly on another one. If you do not wish to incorporate a platform or a house in between trunks, please choose a spacer disk Z4.
The various platforms are not for climbing, but for landing. Please keep in mind that cats, too, will age and select suitable distances between the platforms, i.e. don't take too long trunks. Otherwise the joints of your cats will get stressed too much from landing on the platforms.
If your cats love to sleep high up on one of the platforms, it could be safer and more comfortable to offer them a platform with a rim. This will also help prevent falling accidents.
Bridges can be attached to the wall using the Z1K, or they are used to connect two scratching post systems. Our product portfolio contains straight bridges (B4 in three standard lengths A,B,C), slanted bridge B5, ramp B1 and the suspension bridge B2 (in two standard lengths A,B). Some cats don't like to step on the latter due to the fact that it is moving, but the owner will enjoy its look anyway. Should the ropes wear out at some point, you can send us the bridge part and we will tighten them again (please inquire for prices).


Don't worry, we make sure you receive the correct type (AS, VS), number and lengths (1, 2, 3 platforms). Screws will be sent to you without extra charge, and of course you don't have to order them separately.
Trunks: Variations in length can either be compensated for with Z4 spacer disks, or we automatically calculate and manufacture the right trunk with the correct, customized length at no extra charge. We carefully check each construction and take care of these aspects for you. Claw-worn trunks can be rewrapped with sisal rope (please inquire for prices). We manufacture customized trunks with a precision that makes them match exactly to the millimeter (customized trunks can have lengths from 11.6 to 105.4 cm, i.e. 4.56" to 41.5").

Big Cats:


We recommend the E14. Please inquire also about our extra-large hammocks.
Have fun creating your scratching post, your Catwalk team!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at +49 (0)3379-3227770 Monday thru Friday between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm (GST+1 hr., Berlin time).



Why do all resting platforms have a ladle-shaped extension?


This feature gives cats as much room as possible for climbing and for running up their post in one go - unhindered.
It also allows you to place the scratching post close to the wall while your cat still enjoys unhindered access to all platforms.



Why does the hideaway house have blinds?


We have incorporated the blinds because we found out that sometimes our feline rascals won't enter cavelike constructions because the position of the entrance doesn't agree with them. Therefore we developed blinds that can be freely adjusted. A protected entrance facing the wall or located on the backside of the house can make a huge difference. Moreover, the blinds look really cool and give you utmost flexibility.