Z1L- Wall Holder 32.5 cm

43,00 EUR
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Z1L-Wall Holder 32.5 cm
All wall holder come with screws and dowels.

Front View
A= Wall holder thickness 1.8 cm
B= Inner rim to dowel hole 5.5 cm
C= Inner rim to outer edge of wall holder 13.7 cm
D= Total height 15.5 cm
E= Total width 13.0 cm
F= Distance between holes 9.0 cm

Side View
A= Wall to outer edge 32.5 cm
B= Wall to center of trunk 26.0 cm
C= Wall to trunk 20.0 cm
D= Overlap approx. 0.5 cm
E= Trunk diameter approx.12.0 cm

View of all Bottom Parts from Above
From wall to farthest rim of the bottom part in the room
A: U8, H11, H12 without corner =
B: U8, H11, H12 without corner = 98.0 cm
C: U8, H11, H12 with corner = 79.0 cm
D: U8G, H11G, H12G = 98.0 cm