Scratching Posts for Cats

Cat Scratching Posts - Quality offered directly by the manufacturer Catwalk
Since the big petshop franchises unfortunately offer
mostly low-quality scraching posts, we began to develop modern scratching posts for cats. The Catwalk Scratching Post System was born!
Katzenbäume zum selbst zusammenstellen

 Our scratching posts will last a lifetime. We offer the sturdiest scratching posts in the market plus an esthetic design that will blend into your apartment or house instead of being an eyesore.

Katzenbäume mit superstabilen Stämmen

Cat scratching posts will suffer constant tear & wear because will cats use their claws on them. Therefore we give you the option of replacing torn or soiled cushions and hammocks separately. Of course the scratching post trunks are meant to be used for claw-whetting. Frayed and torn Catwalk trunks can be rewrapped with sisal rope by Catwalk at a reasonable price.

Katzenbäume auch für große Katzen

Catwalk scratching posts are also built for large breeds like Maine Coons or Norwegian Forest Cats. For heavy cats, you definitely need really sturdy posts, which is the reason why we use trunks made of solid wood. Our scratching posts have attained cult status with cat lovers, because nothing beats the service and quality of the Catwalk Scratching Post System. Due to their long product life, Catwalk scratching posts are much cheaper in the long run, even though you will have to spend a bit more money in the beginning.

Select the scratching post that will suit your cat's needs conveniently from your home, and we will deliver the scratching post to your address. Catwalk ships worldwide
- premium quality, just a mouseclick away!

Katzenbäume zum kuscheln

Scratching Post Delivery to Switzerland
We often ship our scratching posts to Switzerland where we already have many satisfied customers. When shipping to Switzerland, we pay Swiss customs fees and import sales tax of your scratching posts for you!
(Frankatur 10/Delivered Duty Paid = Sender pays all costs incurred for export to CH)

Sonderangefertigte Katzenbäume

We also build custom-made scratching posts for cats. If you cannot find the modules you need listed in our regular cat scratching post system, please contact us.

We don't want want to sell anonymous, cheap import goods from the Far East under our own name like McFutternapf and Co. Instead, we build everything at our own production facilities with the same skill we would apply to cabinet making. We at Catwalk aim at building the perfect scratching post for each cat lover. Sadly, this sort of direct communication between customer and store owner has become rare these days, even though it would be desirable to enjoy this kind of service everywhere.

Catwalk scratching posts are synonymous with service, quality and durability and a 5-year warranty
Catwalk Scratching Post Design - a first-class product, manufactured with love