Scratching Posts for Cats

Scratching posts for cats have the reputation of being shaky, plush-covered contraptions that ruin the ambience of the room they are placed in while being not exactly environmentally friendly. However, alternatives are available: Catwalk scratching posts are manufactured in Germany for all those cat owners who are sick and tired of having to buy new scratching posts for their kitties from petshops every couple of months because they cannot find any high-quality goods there. It is important that both people and cats can share the apartment or house in harmony.
Katzenkratzbäume ohne Grenzen
More than just a device for claw-whetting: Dealing responsibly with felines includes offering them a safe retreat, if possible in different heights. Our scratching post system for cats is flexible enough to fit into very different rooms and to suit various interior decoration styles  individually. Catwalk scratching posts provide cats with many opportunities to exercise and unfold their full potential as the animals they are - even indoors.
Katzenkratzbäume angepasst
It is sad that the industry prefers to import crap made of plush and cardboard, as this yields incredibly high profit margins. From the perspective of an anonymous capital company this is more profitable than selling customers high-quality scratching posts. You may not hear again from that customer for the next 10 years, because the product has such a long life. In the long run, it actually turns out to be more expensive to keep on buying apparently cheaper posts made in China to replace ruined ones. Smart buyers will purchase a high-quality, solid wood scratching post made in Germany right from the start. Such an investment pays off, as you and your cats will be happy with it for a long time.
Katzenkratzbäume in Sisal superstabil

In addition to the option of replacing worn-out cushions that you can buy separately, you can also have the old Catwalk trunks rewrapped with new sisal rope. Even after years of use, your scratching post will look good and continue to please you and your cat. It should be common practice to offer customers a 5-year warranty and also to guarantee the availability of replacement parts for that period. Cats need places that are their own. Their scratching post is their home.
Pretty cats should have pretty scratching posts!