Cat & Scratching Post

Cat and scratching post belong together. Catwalk scratching posts have a system
Katze und ihr Treppen Baum
Why does every indoor indoor cat need a scratching post?
The challenges a cat experiences in nature must be simulated indoors,
otherwise your cat will become bored and lazy. If your cats are kept indoors only, it is of utmost importance that they can
sharpen their claws on a scratching post.
Katze mit Puschelbeute auf ihren Baum

Without a scratching post your cat will scratch your furniture. It is best to provide a good scratching post on the very day your cat moves in. But which cat needs which scratching post?

Katze sollte sich an ihrem Baum strecken können

Time to relax! The Catwalk cat scratching post creates a cozy retreat for your cat. Cats love to curl up at a safe height and to observe their environment from there. To keep your cat from falling off the post, it makes sense to offer platforms with a cozy rim for "higher regions" to make a nap on the scratching post both a relaxing and safe experience.

Fun and action! Cats are instinctively driven to climbing and playing on their scratching posts. It keeps them fit and emotionally balanced. Without the option of playing on a post, an indoors environment that lacks stimuli will lead to your cat's degeneration, particularly if you are away at work all day long. Your cat will be grateful to have been given a Catwalk scratching post for cats.
Katzenkratzbaeume ohne Grenzen

Individual design! Older cats are often a bit limited in their movements, while other cats are rather athletic. Therefore, both need different spaces between the platforms. Cat seniors do not enjoy jumping anymore. Some cats are anxious and need caves into which they can retreat. Other cats are adventurous and love a challenge.

Apartments & houses have individual layouts, individual furniture and colors, too.

Catwalk has developed a system that offers the perfect scratching post, customized for your cat while always offering a sturdy quality and an attractive look.
Our scratching posts will not disappoint you!

Katzenkratzbaeume ohne Grenzen
Catwalk builds the best scratching post for your cat.