Cat Scratching Post

A Catwalk scratching post is synonymous with sturdiness - for sophisticated cats
Katzenbaum ohne Grenzen

Every cat lover has run into trouble with cheap petshop products at some point. Often petshops offer only ugly cardboard constructions made in China that won't last long. This is the very reason why we have decided to develop a cat scratching post system that is really durable and sturdy.

Katzenbaum Stamm
Catwalk trunk
Katzenbaum Stamm mit Vollholzkern
Catwalk trunk with solid wood core
Our cat scratching post trunks are made of massive, solid wood with firmly set steel sockets.
If your cat has destroyed the sisal rope,
we can rewrap the scratching post trunk. The trunks are the foundation of our scratching posts - posts in which both human and cat can trust.

Our hideaway houses, bridges and platforms are made of birch plywood. We paint it them with an eco-friendly finish that is available in six wood colors, so that it will individually match your apartment's interior. Our products are also suitable for large cat breeds, such as Maine Coons.

We use high-quality Osmo Color finishes.
Please inquire for further colors.
Katzenbaum Farbe Natur
Katzenbaum Farbe Savanne Katzenbaum Farbe Buche
Color Plain
Color Savanna
Color Beech
Katzenbaum Farbe Kirsche
Katzenbaum Farbe Mahgoni Katzenbaum Farbe Nussbaum
Color Cherry
Color Mahogany
Color Walnut

The cushions can be easily exchanged: They are fastened with dowels - this protects your cats from claw injuries. We at Catwalk make sure that no cat will get hurt on staples.
You can choose between Vorwerk velours carpet in six colors and sisal carpeting!

Cushions can be taken off

Our Catwalk Ready-Made Models offer tried and tested solutions for customers who don't have the time to plan an individual scratching post. Of course you can also create your ideal scratching post  individually, i.e. part by part, from our modular system. With our Online Scratching Post Designer we have created a design tool that lets you easily design your dream scratching post - and it's fun, too! You can send your ideas via mouseclick without entering any obligation. We will thoroughly check each scratching post design and then contact you via e-mail. We will let you know if we have improvement suggestions or if your construction is functional and stable.

Catwalk cat scratching post Quality does not only convince cat breeders
5-year warranty
Eco-friendly materials
Each part available separately
Attractive design