Catwalk Gallery of Customer Photos
Here you can look at scratching posts designed by our customers!
You have no idea yet what a scratching post for your home should look like? You can benefit from the creativity and experience of other Catwalk customers. Be inspired by looking at their scratching post photos and get a better idea of the Catwalk scratching post system, its amazing potential (and what it could look like in your living room).
A big thanks to our cool customers for their incredible pictures! You keep surprising us with your brand new ideas, even after all these years. Please send us more pictures; we love them
  Wall-mounted Catwalk Scratching Posts Scratching Post Landscapes
Scratching Post for Kittens

  Ceiling-high scratching posts
with one trunk
Ceiling-high scratching posts
with two trunks (narrow)
Ceiling-high scratching posts
with two trunks (wide)
  Scratching posts secured with wall holders Free-standing scratching posts Special parts manufactured by Catwalk