Wall-Mounted Hammock
Catwalk demands: Let your cats conquer the walls, because they'll love it!
Wandhängematte weil es oben so schön ist

The wall-mounted hammock by Catwalk: Simply because it's fun to be up there!
The attractive design is a real space-saver. Not every room can accomodate an entire scratching post, but an unused spot on the wall that can be transformed into a perfect resting place for your cat with the Catwalk wall-mounted hammock can be found in every room.

Katzen den interessantesten Platz anbieten

With the wall-mounted cat furniture by Catwalk, you'll get a super value for your money.

Whether in a narrow corridor or elsewhere: With the Catwalk wall-mounted hammock, you can offer your cat the most interesting place available: as high up as possible. At the same time, you are saving a lot of space compared to a scratching post with a bottom platform, trunks and levels.

Robust top quality made in Germany - including a 5-year warranty!

Auch über Türen

Excellent materials used by cabinet makers to manufacture products made in Germany. No matter how big your cat is - an original Catwalk wall-mounted hammock will last forever. The wall-mounted hammock by Catwalk is made of the best birch plywood,
making it almost indestructable.

Wandhängematte von Catwalk

The wood will bend under the weight, but it won't break. The fabric we use for our hammocks can be washed or replaced. If you know that your cat loves to leave dirt on the hammock, we recommend you order a second fabric cover which can use while the other one is in the washing. Catwalk - the paw you can trust.

Die Wandhängematte ein tollerZusatz für Catwalk Kratzbäume