Hammock for Cats / Cat Hammock

   Catwalk Hammock for Cats - only floating on air is more fun!
Katzenbäume auch für große Katzen

Cats love comfortable resting places, which is the reason why almost every scratching post has some sort of hammock. Since the large petshop franchises offer only posts of a less sturdy make, Catwalk has found a market niche here.

Katzen Hängematte mit Haus und Wandbefestigung

Our extra-sturdy Catwalk Cat Hammock is made of solid birch plywood. Due to the interlaced, glued wood layers it is flexible and basically unbreakable while having a slim shape.

Katzen Hängematte in angenehmen Möbelvelourstoff

Of course the Catwalk cat hammock is also suitable for big and heavy cats. For such cats, the market mostly provides some rather frail and small cat hammocks, often even manufactured from thin sheet metal.

Hängematte für Katzen normal
Hängematte für Katzen XXL
Regular size

For those big, splendid feline specimen we offer a 10 cm (approx. 4") longer E2XL model to supplement our regular-sized cat hammock E2. Please contact us if you wish to obtain the perfect XL-sized cat hammock for your XL-sized cat. We have the fabric of our hammocks dyed to match the colors of the Vorwerk velours carpet on the other platforms of your Catwalk scratching post for cats exactly.

Hängematte für Katzen herrlich flexibel macht den Austieg leicht

We sew the hammocks cats at our own facilities to be able to guarantee their stability. Theoretically, a Catwalk cat hammock should not only be able to carry the weight of your cat, but even
the weight of a human being.

Catwalk Katzen Hängematte toll zum Dosenöffner beobachten

Naturally, a cat hammock will eventually get dirty! The hammock's fabric case is washable at 30 degrees Celsius, and you can buy it separately from us.
We give you a 5-year warranty on the Catwalk hammock for cats. It is really extremely durable.

Katzen Hängematte
Does a hammock for cats always have to be ugly and frail?