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Furniture for cats - Why should furniture for cats be of a lesser quality than your own furniture?

Katzenmöbel von Catwalk

Furniture for cats is important: Without scratching furniture, your cat will resort to scratching on your couch.
Sadly, petshops do not offer stylish high-quality cat furniture...

Of course your cat should be offered a species-appropriate environment: Scratching furniture provides climbing, scratching and retreat options as well as adequate room for romping, playing and sleeping. Unfortunately, most manufacturers only offer cat furniture of a rather poor quality.
Catwalk furniture for cats provides individual solutions for cat households. The name Catwalk stands for superior quality and design that come with a 5-year warranty.

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Catwalk scratching furniture offers endless combination options: For example, take a look at some of our scratching furniture designs. Plan conveniently at home with our Online Designer and send us your design suggestion as an inquiry via mouseclick. We will check your cat furniture suggestion's stability, safety and usability for cats and will email you our feedback regarding your design (in most cases, we will have a few improvement ideas).

Möbel für Katzen von CatwalkMöbel für Katzen von CatwalkMöbel für Katzen von Catwalk

Product portfolio: Furniture for cats & scratching posts (with a discount on ready-made models). We at Catwalk have found ways to make the walls part of your cat's territory while offering them otherwise unused space. A growing number of customers buy scratching furniture directly from us, the manufacturer, over the Internet. In this way, we can avoid the petshops and their profit margins and offer you furniture for cats at a very decent price for the great value you receive. In the long run, scratching furniture by Catwalk is always less expensive than short-lived, cheap goods from petshops, and of course furniture for cats should be free of hazardous substances, which we guarantee. Catwalk furniture is ideal for cats and their two-legged can openers!

 Catwalk Scratching Furniture for Cats - Made in Germany