About Us

The Superior Scratching Post System
The Catwalk Philosophy:
Internet and traditional craftsmanship are not mutually exclusive. And why should a scratching post be of lesser quality than a piece of furniture?

In 2001, two cabinet makers from Berlin wanted to buy scratching posts for their cats. Since they didn't find anything decent and their scratching posts had to meet different requirements (size and criteria such as free-standing or with ceiling adaptor, wall-mounted), they developed their own solution - one that is sturdy, esthetically pleasing and flexible: The
module-based Catwalk scratching post system!

The results of this former after-work project were soon hugely in demand. Shortly after the project had been launched, the company Catwalk was founded, and it was very successful from Day One! After an ownership change in 2006, the company was further professionalized. Over time, more employees were trained and hired.

Simply create your individual scratching post via web or phone. We at Catwalk are your personal contacts. We will check your design for cat-appropriate construction and will help you to realize your dream design. The scratching post will arrive two to three weeks after you placed your order via parcel mail service.

Lasting Value:
- All parts can be purchased & replaced separately
- Worn-out trunks can be rewrapped with sisal rope - an eco-friendly solution
- Our hammocks, made of extremely tear-resistant furniture fabric matching the cushion colors, can also be exchanged
Our shop will give you an overview of our comprehensive & versatile product portfolio. We hope to offer something that meets your taste, too. Enjoy your visit!
Your Catwalk-Team